Saturday, April 23, 2011

Garland Gals

My two sweet, wonderful friends, Heather & Lindsay came to visit me this weekend. I know Heather & Lindsay from when I worked for the City of Garland. Heather was my supervisor and Lindsay was hired about a month or so after I started. I had such a fun time working with these ladies as well as our friends Carmen & Kerri. I hope someday soon we can all five get together and hang out again.

It was fun seeing these two city slickers come to the small town (or sticks as they referred to it). I showed them around Maud and they thought it was funny how we have a bank in a mobile home, how small our school is, and how we have to drive to Texarkana if we want to do anything.

As much as I enjoyed having them stay with us…it was hard to say good-bye. I wish we all didn’t have such busy lives…hopefully it won’t be almost four years before we do something like this again.

Love you girls!!! Come back and see me soon!

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  1. It was so great to see you, your beautiful house, your sweet husband, and your quaint little town! Much love to you, and lets plan another get together soon!