Friday, April 15, 2011


So I changed our top picture out today...I know it's from Christmas time but it's really the only decent (recent) picture I have of us. (Plus, it's pretty special, it's the picture we took the night we found out I was pregnant with our third baby.) I hope that I can change it soon with Easter right around the corner. I got my Easter dress when we went to Dallas this past weekend and I'm super excited to wear it soon!

Today was our first field trip of the spring. As a kid, I loved field trips. As a teacher, they're not so great. I'm just a nervous wreck the whole time thinking one of my kids is going to get hurt or lost. Thankfully nothing bad happened today. But I was so glad when we were back and especially when they left for the day. I'm exhausted!

But, when I got home, this is what was waiting for me....

I can honestly say, I have the most wonderful loving hubby in the world. I know it's not nice to brag....but I feel that it's alright to brag about him. Plus, he's cooking dinner tonight!

I'm not too excited about this weekend. All I have planned is to work on 3 separate projects that are all due on April 26. I'm expecting some special company this next weekend so I'm going to do my very best to get as far along with my projects as I possibly's not going to be easy though... I hate working on the weekends!

TGIF!!!! And, I can't wait until this semester of college is over!!! Only 2 more left!

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