Friday, May 27, 2011

Back to Dallas

So yesterday, Steven & I headed out to Dallas for another visit with Dr. Chantilis. The drive there seemed so long...probably because I was so nervous about the procedure he was about to do (hysteroscopy). So we got to Dallas early so we could eat at my favorite seafood restaurant, Pappadeaux. After a delicious meal we headed down to my appointment. Finally the doctor came in and began the procedure (which, if you don't know what a hysteroscopy's where the look in the uterus with a scope). It really didn't hurt at first, just really uncomfortable...but pretty cool at the same time because I think it's neat to see what my organs look like. Anyways, he saw something that wasn't normal. Apparently after 3 months since having the baby...not everything has come out. The place where the baby implanted into my uterus was still the doctor tried to get it out. That's when things went bad..really bad. First of all, I was in pain...lots of it. And there was blood...lots of it! It made the doctor very uncomfortable which scared me. Needless to say...he decided to do an emergency D&C at the Presbyterian Hospital just across the street from this office. Everything went well and now I'm home, resting & relaxing. Of course...I'm extremely sore but I'm glad he got most of everything out of my uterus (he couldn't get everything because of the chance of scaring).

This just goes to show that I am not in control of anything...everything is in God's hands. I never imagined I'd have surgery yesterday...but God got me through it all. I've been praying for answers to my pregnancy problems and my doctors really think it's my hormones so I have a lot of hope. So, I'm a happy (sore) girl right now! And, instead of a 3 day weekend...I'm getting a 5 day weekend! Only 4 more days of school left for me!!!! YAY!!!

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  1. Hey girl!! It has been awhile since I have checked your blog! I obviously was not caught up . . .

    I started reading and saw Chantilis . . . I remember the name from when we were doing research . . . sounds like he has things under control for you :-)

    You guys are in my prayers . . . I have never been through a miscarriage, pregnancy etc . . . so I can't say that I know what you are feeling but I know that deep down desire for a child . . . and wanting to know what is going on . . .

    Have a blast during the summer!!! We too are looking forward to having Jadon home the whole summer! I am adding you guys to my blog roll to stay caught up and to my prayer list as well . . . have a great weekend!