Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Funnies

So I've been working like a crazy woman the past day trying to get my kids (students) Mother's Day gifts done. First of all, with such a crazy schedule & finals this week...I completely forgot Mother's Day was this weekend...thankfully my partner teacher reminded me. Well, one of the things we do is have our kids make a book about thier mother. Here are a few answers to some questions that made me laugh out loud.
My mom likes to...
Kid's answer: cook

If my mom had one wish come true it would be:
Kid's answer: that me & my dad would help her

Here's my favorite...
It bugs my mom...
Kid's answer: when dad comes home

And I always laugh on the question that asks how much thier mom's weigh.... those answers are either way under or way over (sometimes right on spot, but the mom wouldn't appreciate it).

To all those wonderful moms out there...Happy Mother's Day!!! I'm so blessed to have such a sweet & wonderful mother!!!

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