Saturday, May 25, 2013

May Birthdays

May is a very busy month, full of birthdays, for my family. Six family members have May birthdays! When you throw Mother's Day into the mix, May ends up being a lot like December when it comes to expense and gift giving.
I turned 33 this year! I don't feel old, but I can tell my body doesn't do like it used to do. For example, I tried to start running again, and in the process of trying to train for a 5K I managed to pull every muscle in my inner legs. I hurt for a week! Needless to say, this girl warms up and stretches now before she does any strenuous work.
For my birthday, Steven grilled hot dogs and we had cake at the house. I'm blessed that my whole family was able to come over and celebrate with us.
For Steven's birthday, he tured 32 this year, some of our family went out to eat.
We both had wonderful birthdays this year and we're both so blessed to have our good health and such a wonderful and loving family.

Me & Papa.. He's the strongest and sweetest man I know. You'll never find a more jollier person than my grandpa!

Marty, Kayla, Papa, and I all have May birthdays!

Grandma was feeling left out, so we had to take a picture with her too! Can't leave Grandma out! :)

And of course, Brady has to get in at least one picture.

Grandma and Kayla

Papa & Marty

I love my Grandma!!! She's the best grandma ever!!

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