Wednesday, May 22, 2013


My heart hurts for the residents of Oklahoma. So much devistation the past couple of days, so many lives changed forever. I haven't watched much of the coverage of the storm that hit OK this past Monday. I can't stand to look or hear about terrible stuff like that. Being from Texas, we're very familiar with rough storms. Technically, I don't think we're considered to be in "tornado alley" but we're very close. Yesterday, another storm system came through, and this time is was in our area. I think since everything from Monday was so fresh on people's minds, parents went crazy when it started to get bad here. It happened at the end of the day when some of our students leave (2:15pm), As I was about to take my 2:15 car riders out, the tornado sirens went off. I had no idea the weather was as bad as it was, needless to say, I was sacred to death. Some of my kids left with parents, but most of them were still at school. We (the teachers) immediately had the kids take cover and prepare for the worst. It was one of the worst 10 minutes of my life. I had to do everything in my might to keep from bursting out in tears. Our poor babies we scared, crying , and screaming. I was so upset I really couldn't talk to them for fear that I'd start crying and would upset them more. I thought about Brady, and wondered if he was okay. Deep down, I honestly felt he was safer with his babysitter than he would be at school with me. I was more scared about being responsible for my kids. I didn't know how I was going to cover all of them up with my body. I was just hoping it didn't come to that, and thankfully, it didn't. The winds were strong but we never had a tornado.
My ordeal yesterday was nothing compared to the real nightmare so many people are living through right now. I want to urge everyone to continue to pray for all those people affected by those terrible storms. May God comfort them during this difficult time.

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