Saturday, September 17, 2011

Football Fever

Football is back! I love this time of the year. The weather starts to cool off a bit and I get to go watch some football! Last night we went to the high school game & the Maud Cardinals won! This morning we were back at the football field, this time to watch Gage & Makenna. Gage is a 6th grader and plays peewee football and Makenna, a 5th grader, cheers for his team. Oh, and by the way, the Cardinals beat the Redwater Dragons this morning!!! Gage had 2 touchdowns & threw a pass for a touchdown!!! Here are a few proud auntie pics.

Gavin & Makenna

Makenna's the cutie in front.

Makenna is the third one from the left.

Gage getting some water and a brief break after running in his first touchdown!

Gage is #7.

Gage playing quarterback...He threw a pass on this play for a touchdown!!!

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