Friday, September 2, 2011

Mornings with Gavin

This week was the first week of me taking Gavin to school with me. Let me tell ya, getting another person ready to go to school and getting there on time is not easy! I don't know how all you moms do it! My bed has not been made all week long..and it drives me crazy to look at an unmade bed...but something's got to give. He did pretty good for me and we weren't late one day! Next week might be a different story because I have early morning duty, which means I have to get at work earlier than usual! Thankfully, it will only be a four day week & I only have to take G to school M-Th, Kris is off on Fridays.

This week has been just as hectic as last week. With work & college, I'm swamped! I'm so thankful it's Friday & a 3 day weekend. And, when I got home today, my WONDERFUL hubby had a sweet surprise waiting for me... $100 spa bucks!!! I can't wait to use them!!! He's seriously the best....I'm so blessed!!!

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  1. Sweet Stevo! And you are the best sister in the world if you are taking him to school everyday, wow!