Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello October!!!

It's seriously so hard to believe today's the first day of October. I was telling Steven last night how it felt like I just changed the calendar over to September and now it's time to do it again! I love fall and it is a little cooler this weekend, which makes it even better! I haven't really seen any leaves changing colors yet, but hopefully that will happen soon.

I have slowly been working on decorating my house for fall this past week. I have decided that instead of decorating separately for all the fall holidays (Halloween & Thanksgiving) that I'd just focus on fall decorations and keep my decorations up a little longer (plus it saves money, which makes my hubby very happy). Here's what I've done so far....I forgot I had all these decorations, so it felt like Christmas the other day when I went up in my attic and found all these decorations.

I made this wreath myself! (Again, saving that money!!!)

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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