Sunday, October 30, 2011

19 weeks & Gender Party!

Due Date: March 24, 2012
Weight gain: 11lbs, no weight gain this week.
Maternity clothes: I wear maternity pants…but I can still wear my shirts and dresses for the time being.
Sleep: pretty good, but I snore now!!! I don’t know if it’s a pregnancy thing or sinus thing but I keep Steven awake at night & I wake myself up!
What I miss: sleeping on my belly
Movement: He kicks all the time.
Sex: BOY!!!! Brady James Seals
Food cravings: Butterfingers!!!
What I'm looking forward to: Shopping & decorating

So, we got all our family over to our house Saturday night and had a big reveal! It was so much fun but most people picked sex…. BOY!!! We are so excited to have baby Brady James on the way!!! I can’t wait to go back to the doctor Thursday and have another sonogram so I can see his sweet face again! Every day I fall more and more in love with him. He’s the greatest blessing of our lives! We couldn’t be happier. Today, Steven was on the tractor & all I could think of is in a few years, Brady will be up there with him. God is SO good! He knows exactly what we need & He always provides. This journey to parenthood has been long & tough but so worth it. Without every little thing that’s happened we wouldn’t be where we are today…and that’s happy & excited about our baby boy!

Here’s some pictures of the gender party. We had Steven’s family & my family over to celebrate. Steven grilled hamburgers & I made the cake to reveal, “It’s a BOY”. (I just couldn’t see spending $40 on a cake…so I made it myself…it looks more like a Charlie Brown cake, but it was made with love.) My “boy” shirt was made by my sweet friend Jamie Martin. She’s one of the most talented people I know.

The food:

The cake:

Our mom's cut the cake to reveal the sex.

Our grandmothers:

My sisters:

Message in a cake:

It's a BOY!!!

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  1. Love the cake, love the shirt, love it all! I can't believe you were able to keep it in all week! And that picture of Teresa and Carol is priceless! Sooooo incredibly excited for you, my sweet, sweet friend!