Monday, October 10, 2011

1 Month

Our journey, with this pregnancy, begin way back in January 2010. I never would have thought then it would have taken so long to get to the point where we are today, but it has all been for good reason, I have no doubt about that. After my three miscarriages, my doctor decided she'd done everything she could think of and referred me to a specialist in Dallas.

Our first appointment with the specialist was in April 2011. He discovered that I had cysts on my ovaries, but felt really good about our chances of having our own baby. His plan of treatment was to prescribe Clomid (a drug to help you ovulate). I began Clomid on June 20th. On day 10 of my cycle I went back to Dallas and had a sonogram which showed the Clomid had worked and I had one good follicle. So, our specialist gave us the green light to try.

Well, once again (just like the last 3 times we've tried), I got pregnant the first month. I took a positive pregnancy test on July 12th. I went to my doctor for blood work on July 12 and 18th and everything looked good. On July 27th I had my first sonogram and everything looked good. The baby was too small to see, but the sac was there. My doctor decided to prescribe Crinone (which is progesterone), just to be safe. She also decided to prescribe Lovenox (a blood thinner). I took Crinone through week 14 and will take Lovenox until week 32 (I think) then she'll switch to a different drug (Hepron). The Crinone is a suppository, which is yucky, but painless. I'm very thankful I'm done with it. Lovenox is an injection. Steven gives me a shot in the stomach every night...and it hurts!!! But so worth it!

Here's pictures from that first month.

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