Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inching closer....

I'm 17w5d pregnant today. I went to my weekly doctor's visit and everything is still good. The baby's heartbeat is in the 150's and "it's" moving like crazy. My doctor said everything looks good. I gained 4 pounds, which didn't surprise me, but I'm not too happy about it. I know gaining weight is a part of being pregnant but gaining 4 pounds in one week is not good. I'm going to have to start eating healthier and get back to walking.The exciting news is that I'm going to have a sonogram in 2 weeks...which means in 2 weeks we hopefully will know the gender of the baby!!! We're so excited!

But, now comes the hard work. I told Steven we have 2 weeks to decide on a name for each sex. I want to have a name picked out when we find out the sex. So, all the way home tonight we pretty much argued over names. It's so hard to pick a name for another person. This is what this child is going to be called he/she is going to be identified. I don't want to pick something that will bring my baby embarrassment in the future. So, tonight I sat down and when through hundreds of boy names...I've decided I'm going give my list of 40 names to Steven & let him narrow it down. I'm thinking one week to decide each sex is long enough...we're starting with boy names first.... Hopefully we can come to a decision without killing each other! ha

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