Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brady's Bump- 31 weeks

Due Date: March 24, 2012
Weight gain: +2 lb.
Maternity clothes: Yes & I’m not liking them. I can’t get comfy in anything I wear except my pajamas!
Sleep: Pretty good most nights, I’m starting to get up several times during the night to use the restroom.
What I miss: Sleeping on my belly, bending over, & clear skin
Movement: He kicks all the time…
Sex: BOY!!!! Brady James Seals
Food cravings: HOT SAUCE!!! And anything spicy!
What I'm looking forward to: Finishing Brady’s nursery & my baby shower

My weekly appointment went well this week. My iron levels are increasing, which is good. I do not have gallstones, which is also good. We got to see Brady and he is a BIG boy! My doc said that everything looks good, but he’s really big. He’s measuring 2 weeks ahead. Baby’s at this point usually weigh ~3lbs. By his measurements, he weighs approximately 3lb 12oz! And, he has a big head! My doc said that in the past few weeks she’s been joking about me having a c-section, but now, that might be our reality. Just depends on how much more he grows in the next 9 weeks. She told me to watch what I eat because everything I eat goes straight to him… So, she said stay away from sweets, fried food, and hot sauce! She’s killing me!!! Basically I’m on a diet until Brady decides to come. It’s good for me to eat healthy, but man it’s not fun! Just last week (before my appointment) I ordered 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!! I’m not sure when they come in, but I will have to break the rules a little bit for some Dos-si-dos!!!

Steven painted Brady’s nursery this weekend. He did an awesome job!!! He was unsure if he could paint the stripe, but he did and it turned out great. I can’t wait to start putting everything together.

My baby shower is coming up in February. I’m excited to get to celebrate Brady with all my family & friends.

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