Friday, August 24, 2012

Sick Baby

So I went back to work this week, and Brady decides to get sick for the first time. Tuesday I noticed he was hot and not very active (which is VERY unusual for Brady). When I took his temp it was 101.6! That was pretty scary. I gave him Tylenol to try to bring the fever down and that would work, but then it would come back up. By Thursday, I'd had enough of the yo-yo temp so I made Steven call the doc since I was in meetings all morning. We took him in and the doc said he has a virus, but is going to be ok. There's nothing we can do about a virus, but I'm glad to know he's ok and that his ears and lungs are clear. While we were there they weighed him and he is now 17lb 9oz! Now I know why it's so hard for me to carry him in his car seat.

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