Friday, April 10, 2015

Birthday Party: Food & Decorations

Let me tell you, Pinterest can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, but no mater what you think about it, you can always find lots of great ideas. I love Pinterest. I'm not creative, at all, so I go on Pinterest and I can get so many ideas to use for whatever occasion. So, here's my disclaimer; none of these ideas are mine. Go to Pinterest and type in Mickey Mouse birthday party and you can find all these ideas.  :)
Our color scheme was black, red, and yellow. I got my ideas from Pinterest and made (with the help of some friends) all the decorations. Homemade decorations are so much cheaper; plus I kept everything so I can reuse in the future. The setting was our back porch. It had rained all week long so the ground was wet. We had rented a bounce house but cancelled a few days before the party because our backyard was a swamp. Even though the ground was wet, the weather was perfect for an outside party. I love that my kids have springtime birthdays so it's not too hot or too cold (usually).

I did this for Brady's first birthday a decorated table or highchair.
The party was at 2pm on Sunday afternoon, so I knew I didn't need a lot of food (people ate lunch after church before coming over). 

Six smash cake for six sweethearts! :)
I know 3 year olds typically don't do smash cakes, but I couldn't leave Brady out. He enjoyed having his own cake.

I made a 7 Layered Dip and put the olives in the shape of a Mickey head.

A friend of mine from church makes cakes, I gave her a picture of this cake (that I found on Pinterest) and she did a fantastic job of making the same cake... Best part, the cake was delicious!!

I thought about having Steven grill hot dogs, but after some consideration, we decided pigs-in-a-blanket would be much easier and economical.

Pluto's Punch
Each kid had his/her own head to showcase how much they've changed over the year. 

 All about the kids. My friend McCall made these boards for me and I think they are such a sweet reminder of the milestones the kids had reached by this point in their lives.

 I bought scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby (1 for each kid - blue for boys and pink for girls). Eventually I'm going to start scrapbooking for the quints and when I do these pages will go in the book so they can always remember who was at their birthday party.
Brady's picture from his first birthday.

Pictures of me and Steven at our first birthday parties. It's a tradition to have these out for my kids 1st birthday party (I did it for Brady's 1st birthday too).

I ordered these Mickey head balloons online (a package of 6). By the time the party started, there were only 4 left. 
Mickey heads were very easy to make. Just buy styrofoam balls and paint them black, use toothpicks to stick the ears on. I used decretive straws for the stick part. We painted the clay pots.


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  2. Adorable party!! You have such an amazing choice. I adore this theme so much! I would love that highchair in my daughter’s birthday party. But I would prefer booking some local Seattle venues instead of arranging the party at home. Actually I don’t have patio or backyard at home.