Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Birthday Party: Wardrobe

So, I'm finally getting around to posting on the kids birthday party. I've decided to break it into different posts because it could be really long if I combined it all in one. The theme was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because they all six like to watch Mickey and I could make it work for both genders & age groups. So today, I'll share with you what we all wore. Our whole wardrobe was homemade (I'm very proud about that).
For Christmas, Steven bought me a sewing machine that also monograms. My stepmom has been teaching me how to sew. She did all the pants and I helped with the tops. I think they turned out cute and my girls looked adorable.





Of course, mom & dad had to have festive shirts too! My friend, Channing, made these.

My boys had to have something special. Channing also made these and the boys were handsome as ever!
We were Disneyed out! I'm saving Steven and my shirts in hope that someday we'll be able to take the kids to Disney World!
Stay tuned to more birthday posts.   :)

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