Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quints- 12 Month Pics & Brady 3 Years

So this is our last month to take monthly pictures! Woohoo! I'm still amazed they are already 1 year old and Brady is 3!!!! It seriously doesn't seem possible. This past year has been crazy, to say the least, but I'm really looking forward to this new year of their life. I'm expecting this year to be just a crazy as last year, but in a totally new way. I'm excited about this upcoming year.

The quints are all cutting more teeth. It seems like every day we're finding a new tooth in someone's mouth. They are all babbling more and more each day. They enjoy being outside; we've been taking walks through the neighborhood on pretty days, and let me tell ya, it's been so nice to get out and enjoy some fresh air. It's good for them and it's really good for me! For the past 15 months, I've been locked inside, whether it be bed rest, or in the NICU, or in the house with the babies, it's been a long time since I've really been able to enjoy the great outdoors.

These six kids are our life. They bring us so much love and happiness. God has truly blessed us X's 6!

Mia Danielle
Quint A
1 Year Stats:
Weight: 16lb 8.5oz (5%)
Length: 28 in (10%)
She's healthy and happy!

Tessa Suzanne
Quint B
1 Year Stats:
Weight: 18lb 10.5oz (30%)
Length: 28 in (20%)
She's our biggest baby and so sweet!

Brant Lee
Quint C
1 Year Stats:
Weight: 18lb 6oz (5%)
Length: 30 in (50%)
He's funny and full of energy!

Gracie Lou
Quint D
1 Year Stats:
Weight: 17lb 11.5oz (15%)
Length: 28.5 in (20%)
She's funny and likes things her way!

Rayleigh Ann
Quint E
1 Year Stats:
Weight: 17lb 9.5oz (15%)
Length: 27 in (5%)
She's a mama's girl and loves to smile!

Brady James
Our first born & best big brother in the world!
3 Year Stats:
Weight: 29lb (20%)
Length: 37 in (35%)
He's funny, a ball full of energy, and smart as a whip!

The sisters :)    (left to righ: R,M.T,G)

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