Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So a week or so I blogged that I was having surgery. Well, I decided to postpone the surgery until November because there is just so much going on in our life right now. Between keeping up with Brady, working, and taking care of sick family just didn't seem like the right time to go under the knife. However, my nurse called last week and said I needed to come in to the office and have the tube put in...that I could wait until November for that. I went to the doc Monday and my ear was so infected that my doc could only suck out half of the infection. Needless to say, I walked out of the office with no tube and was crying from the pain of him trying to suck out the infection. So, Steven and I decided I just needed to bite the bullet and get the surgery done sooner rather than later. So, I'm on the schedule to have my surgery next Thursday. Hopefully I won't change my mind again. I am so ready to get this over. This waiting and changing the date is starting to drive me crazy. So please keep me in your prayers...

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  1. Yuck! That is terrible! Let me know if you need a nurse ;)