Friday, September 28, 2012

my little piggy

I've noticed the past couple of weeks that my beloved Razorback friends have not had too much to cheer about when comes to this football season. Though, I'm not a Razorback fan...I do like to see them do well. I've been to a few Razorback football games and had a great time. My sister's boyfriend, Jeremy, is a Razorback fan and for my baby shower he gave me a cute Razorback onesie with Brady's name on the rump. I've put it on Brady the past two weeks, and both times, the Razorbacks have lost. So unfortunately for my Razorback friends, I think Brady is your UN-lucky charm. He won't be wearing the outfit this weekend because they play Texas A&M. We just don't cheer against a Texas team in this house.  :)

I love my little piggy.

This is my favorite part of the outfit. I'm so in love with Brady's just fits him.

He's always on the move.

I love that little rump!

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