Monday, September 17, 2012

Half-a-year old!!!!

Brady- 6 months
Brady’s halfway to his first birthday. That is so hard to believe! I never in a million years thought he’d grow up this fast.
Here’s what Brady has been up to this past month:
*As of last week, he weighs 18lbs.
*He eats between 5-6 oz of formula each feeding (sometimes a little less). He gets 1 tbsp of rice cereal per ounce of milk. He eats every 4.5-5 hours.
*Last week he started eating baby food. We started him off with bananas (which you’re not supposed to do, but we didn’t find that out until we’d already been feeding them to him). He really doesn’t know what to think about eating from a spoon. At times, he does really well…but other times he really doesn’t have a clue what he’s supposed to do. He’ll get the hang of it though. This week he’s going to be eating peaches.
*His reflux is better.
*He’s crawling. It’s more like an army crawl and a baby crawl. But he can go wherever we wants to go. Last night he went from the living room to the kitchen.
*He is starting to try to pull up. He has pulled himself up on a couple of toys.
*He can sit up on his own for a little while now. Our floors are all tile, and I’m scared to leave him alone while he’s sitting so he doesn’t get as much practice sitting alone as he probably needs, but I don’t want him to bump his head on our hard floor.
*He’s got to be the hardest kid in the world to hold. He is constantly moving and twisting. I think he’ll be happy when he can finally walk and not be held so much.
*He’s not a cuddly baby at all. The only time I really get to cuddle with him is when he falls asleep in my arms.
*He can get his toes to his mouth…he likes to chew on them.
*He has 2 teeth!!!
*He’s been sick pretty much this whole month. I don’t know if it’s because the weather is changing, or the fact that he’s around other kids now, or both. Two weeks ago he had bronchitis now he’s on breathing treatments because he’s still congested. I sure hope he starts feeling better soon.
*He has not slept well since I went back to work. He wakes up around 12 or 1am..sometimes we can get him back to sleep…but most of the time, he’ll wake back up around 3 or 4. It’s been a long stressful month and his lack of sleep hasn’t helped. I hope and pray he’ll get back on track very soon.
* He wears 6-9, 9, and even a few 9-12 month clothes. Last week my mom and sister had to cut a 6 month outfit off him. It was his first and last time to wear the outfit. I can’t believe how fast he’s gone through his clothes.
*He’s wearing a size 3 diaper.
*He loves his bathes.
*He’s still attached to his pacifier.
*He loves to be on the floor playing and rolling around.
*He usually wakes up in a very good mood. It’s so funny to hear him talking to himself when he wakes up.
*He rolls everywhere!
*He is a very curios (or noisy) baby.
*He makes the cutest little noises.
*He loves to watch tv.
*He’s doing so well riding in the car now. It sure makes going places much more pleasant.
*His Sunday School teachers say he’s doing a great job in class.
*He does really well during church services.
*He smiles all the time.
*He laughs all the time too.
* He is really starting to try to talk more and more. It’s so cute to carry on a conversation with him.
*He still loves blowing bubbles!
*His eyes are still blue.
*His hair is really starting to look red to me. I don’t know if he’s going to be a sandy blond or redhead.
*He still loves playing with his feet.
*He tries to stand up when you hold him up.
*He has no problem at all with letting you know that he’s unhappy. He can throw some major fits.
*He is very impatient!
*He fights his sleep sometimes…especially for naps.
*He loves to look at himself in the mirror.
*I can carry him on my hip now.
Here’s Brady this month.
He's starting to sit up on his own.

A mama has to do what a mama has to do.... when I'm getting ready in the morning, he plays in the bathtub.

Brady and Papa love playing in the grass.

I love when he sleeps, it's the only time he's still.

He's still got those big blue eyes.

You can tell by the way he's holding his mouth, he's been cutting teeth pretty much the whole month of August. That has not been a fun experience at all.


  1. He is so cute! I love the picture of him and Papa!

  2. Thank you... I put that pic on here so you could see it. :)