Friday, September 7, 2012


I hate snot! I really hate snot! Snot has taken over my life and I can't get rid of it! This past Tuesday, I had a follow-up appointment with my ENT doc. I had been feeling bad for about 2 weeks but was putting off going to my family doc because I already had this appointment. Sure enough, my ears were infected, AGAIN, and I had another sinus infection. Plus, the tube my doc put in my ear this summer, had moved and had to be sucked out! So after that he (my doc) decided to do a CT scan of my head to see if he could see what was going on. When the scans came back he said my ears looked okay, that I just had a little infection, but nothing serious was happening. But, then he showed me my sinuses. My sinuses in my nose and cheeks were filled with a lot of fluid and had some inflammation. I told him that this would be my 7th round of antibiotics in five-in-a-half months and he looked surprised. I wanted to tell him to take a look at his files and he'd know that...but I didn't..I want him to like me and treat me well. I told him I was sick of being sick and I really didn't want to continue to take antibiotics. He agreed that continuing to take antibiotics wasn't a good idea. So, we decided to be aggressive and next Thursday I'm going to have surgery on my sinuses. He's going to go in through my nose and clean out my sinuses and hopefully get all the infection out. Also, while I'm asleep, he's going to put another tube in my ear. I hope this one stays in place. And I hope and pray this surgery will be the answer to my sinus problems. I really am tired of feeling bad all the time. It really sucks to have so much snot! So, please, if you are a praying person...please pray for me to come through my surgery and that the surgery will work.

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