Saturday, May 24, 2014

2 Months with the Quints

The babies are doing remarkably well. Three of them weigh 6 pounds and two of them are 7 pounds now. Looking back at the first pictures of them right after they were born, they don't even look like the same kids. A little fat on their bodies makes a big difference in how they look. It's crazy to think that at two months old they're finally the size of some newborn babies. (I'd be 38w5d pregnant now, if I were still pregnant; this is the exact point in my pregnancy with Brady that I had him.)

All of the babies are in open cribs now. The open cribs make it easy for me to go and pick them up. I change their diapers, feed them, bathe them, and best of all love on them whenever I want. I can't think of anything better than cuddling with a sweet baby and I'm blessed that I get to do it with five!

All of the babies have to start taking a bottle better before they will be released from the hospital. I have to admit, I'm starting to get impatient. I really thought some of them would be home by now. I've been a little discouraged at how slow of a process this has been, but I have to remind myself, they were born 11 weeks early and there were 5 of them competing for food and room in my tummy. When I slow down and put things into perspective, the babies are doing quiet well. And I need to remember to be patient! I can't wait for them to get home, but I certainly don't want them home before they're ready to be home safely.

I ask that everyone please continue to pray for the health of the babies. Please pray specifically that they will start taking their bottles. Pray that they will continue to grow and mature as they should. Please pray for Steven and Brady because I know this whole situation has been tough on them. We can't wait to all be home together and finally get our new life started as a family of 8! Please keep me in your prayers as well. Pray that I will remain patient and trust in God's timing. I know God has a plan for us and God never makes mistakes. I know we will make it through this phase, I just pray it's sooner rather than later. I miss being home with my 2 guys so badly.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE reading about how well all the babies are doing!!! God is Good......ALL THE TIME.
    I sure would love to actually see a pictures of each one of the little dolls.
    Keep up the good work. They are going to get the hang of those bottles.