Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mia- 2 months

Mia is growing and doing so well these days. The day she turned 2 months old she weighed 6lbs 1.8oz and was 18.1 inches long. Since then she has gained a few more ounces. Mia is very alert; she'll look around for hours just taking in everything around her. She has been off the ventilator for a month now and is doing very well. She has some airway issues but instead of intervening just yet, the doctors are letting her grow & hoping she'll grow out of the problem on her own. She loves her pacifier and is working on taking a bottle. Because of her airway issues, she gets a little rice cereal mixed in her formula. Mia has big brown eyes and her occupational therapist says she has a sparkle about her. I think Mia and Rayleigh look a lot alike and they both favor me.

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