Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy 8 Years!!!!

Tuesday was our 8th Wedding Anniversary!!! It's so hard to believe it's been that long since we said our vows. What an amazing and crazy eight years it has been. Our lives are nothing like we thought they'd be. God had much bigger and different plans for us. We have been blessed with great jobs, a nice home, and we've taken some amazing and fun trips. We've also experienced some heartache along the way. But through it all, Steven has always been by my side, holding my hand, and loving me no matter what. He's such a wonderful husband and daddy to our 6 kids. I am so incredibly blessed to share my life with him.
He wears many hats. I love watching him with the kids. This is him & Brady. 
We enjoy taking trips together.

No matter what the situation is, he's always by my side.

We've been through a lot in 8 years, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Here we are about to welcome the quints into the world.

I can get him to do "just" about anything....even dress up as a dogcatcher for Halloween.
He can even be a little jealous
 We neither one need anything, so we decided, instead of buying gifts, we'd go to Dallas for one night and enjoy being together, just the two of us, and sleep!!!! We shopped, ate, got facials, and most importantly, we slept all night!!! I always enjoy spending time with Steven, because he's not only my hubby, he's also my best friend.
Before our facials...this was Steven's first time to have a facial and he liked it!

The hotel was decorated beautifully for Christmas, which is so fitting because we had a Christmas wedding.

I'm terrible with selfies, I was trying to get a pic of the beautiful hotel, but that didn't happen.

We ate at Pappadeaux.....yum!

Then got dessert to-go from Cheesecake Factory.

And ate in the car... aren't we so romantic!? ;)

Steven loves his cheesecake.
So, here's to eight years of marriage! I hope we share many, many more together.

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