Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

So the quints' first Thanksgiving is in the books and I'm ashamed of myself for not taking more pictures. It's just too hard to take pictures and keep up with 6 kids, cook, clean, visit, and everything else that goes into hosting Thanksgiving for about 30 people. I absolutely love it when our families come over for the holidays. We host everyone for Thanksgiving and Christmas, sometimes we do other holidays too (this year we all got together for Halloween). For Thanksgiving, we get together on Wednesday night and I always pick non-traditional foods for our get-together. Most people tend to get burnt out on the "traditional" holiday day food and I don't want to add to that issue. The menu for this Thanksgiving was Italian. I made homemade lasagna (which everyone loved...I'm so proud of myself...it was completely eaten), spaghetti, pasta salad, pizza, salad, and bread. We had a ton of desserts to top it off! The food was delicious and the visiting was great, but the real fun came when we played Scream-O. My family loves playing games when we all get-together.

The babies did well, but they came down with the stomach virus and are suffering from teething. But overall, they are healthy and for that I'm am SO thankful! I celebrated this Thanksgiving with my sweet hubby and my six children, how awesome is that! I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life. God is great!
My sweet friend Belinda made us this beautiful Thanksgiving flower arrangement. I used it as the centerpiece of our table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Brant with a turkey on his bottom. This was Brady's Thanksgiving outfit. I love seeing it again on Brant.

Mia & Rayleigh

Tessa, Gracie, Brant, Mia, Rayleigh


Gracie & Brant

Tessa & Gracie 
Brady is a sharp-dressed guy!

Looking good with his rain boots on. And no, I didn't let him wear those out in public.

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