Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Quints- 9 Months

Our babies keep getting bigger and are changing so much. All of them are 16lbs except Mia. None of them are sleeping all night yet, which makes it hard on us. I'm ready for them to start sleeping all night so I can start getting some good sleep. They all have been sick lately. They had the stomach virus over Thanksgiving and as they got over that virus, they all got sick with bronchiolitis, and they're still sick. Brant has an ear infection and as of late, is our sickest baby. Hopefully, they will start feeling better soon. We still work on taking a bottle with the girls. It's still hit or miss when it comes to how much or if they will try the bottle at all. I think being sick right now has a lot to do with them not taking a bottle well. They all eat baby food well. They're getting more mobile. They are starting to fight over toys and love to steal what the other one is playing with or even steal someone's paci right out of their mouth. They all still get PT & OT, and the four girls still get Speech Therapy to help with their feeding issues. I'm enjoying this stage but I will say, you can't take your eyes off them for a second. They move all over the place and it's tough to keep 5 babies in the same place for long. They are starting to show jealously in different ways. Tessa will cry and Gracie will throw herself down and have a little hissy fit. They're starting to wear some 9 month clothes and are between 2-3 diapers. Mia can still wear 2 diapers but everyone else is starting to wear 3's.
Our girls (l to r) Rayleigh, Gracie, Mia, & Tessa

Brady snuck and jumped in Rayleigh's chair

from l to r: Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, & Rayleigh

We tried to get a pic of Brady with the babies, but he will not hold still for pictures.

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