Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gracie's Big Day

Today is the day Gracie was released from the NICU. She was the fourth baby out of my tummy and the fourth baby out of the NICU. At birth, Gracie was our smallest quint, weighing a whooping 2lbs 7oz. I'm still amazed at how much she's grown. Gracie struggled the first couple of weeks after birth, Steven and I were really concerned about her, thankfully God pulled her through her struggles and she is doing amazing now. Like the other girls, Gracie came home from the NICU using a feeding tube. I'm so thankful she's doing awesome now and taking all her feeds from a bottle.

Gracie is baby D, and I'm pretty sure that D stands for Diva!!! She's a hoot! She makes me laugh so hard. She's got a funny personality. Her nickname is Boss Lady and it fits her perfectly. I think she's going to be the leader of the crew. She's consistently been one of the first of the quints to meet her milestones. Gracie is going to be my child that dares to be different. Out of all my babies, Brady and the quints, she is the only one, at birth, who was pulled out feet first. Out of everyone in our family (all 8 of us) she is by far the best and most adventurous eater.  Gracie never ceases to amaze me!

Locked and loaded...ready to head home. 
She was beautiful in her white smocked dress.
Trying to hold her head up.
Sweet girl.
Funny little girl.

Serious look.

Not so sure about this thing called food. But now, she's my best eater out of all six kids!

Such a big girl, holding her bottle.
Oh how I love my sweet baby girl!

Cutest little M&M ever!
Making a mess..
Look at that smile!

I love this picture, she looks like she's been caught doing something she's not suppose to be doing.


Pure sweetness
She's a happy girl (most of the time).   :)
Exploring and playing around

Look at those big beautiful eyes!!!
She's the life of the party!
She loves wearing hats.
 We are so happy to have you home Gracie! You amaze me every single day! We love you with all our hearts!

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