Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 2015

I can't believe 2015 is half-way over. Where has time gone? June has been a good month in that it hasn't rained as much lately. But it's been pretty hot. The quints have been sick for most of the month. It's been one virus after another. :(  Hopefully, someday soon, all this sickness will be behind us. I'm really hoping that they are catching everything now, and will someday have perfect attendance in school. We shall see....

The kids loved swimming in their pool. They've only swam in it a hand-full of times. It makes me so nervous to have so many kids in the water at once. Of course, the water was only ankle deep, but still, anything can happen.








They loved VBS.
Steven's garden has been really producing the vegetables!! We've had tomatoes, potatoes, squash, zucchini, okra, peas, and corn. And he has some watermelons that are growing!! I'm proud of myself, I've been cooking squash and zucchini for the babies to eat & I'm been making myself eat it too and it's not too bad!!!
A pumpkin popped up out of no where!

Just call me Pioneer Woman! ;)~    (I wish)
I'm pretty proud of myself for cooking and eating squash! This is a first for me!
This mama survived her first week at home alone with the Six Sweet Seals!!! Steven had to go to Corpus Christi for a week, for work, which meant I had to fly solo. But, as most of you know, I have the biggest and bestest family ever and everyone pitched in to help me. And my wonderful friend Shelley spent the night with me and my mom stayed one night, so I only was here one night by myself, praise the Lord! I was a nervous wreck that night by myself. Six kids against one mama, it's a scary thought my friends, a very scary thought! :)~
Mama's hands were full while daddy was away.

All aboard the Mama Express! And this isn't even all my kids..Brant was in bed asleep!

This month we celebrated Brant and Tessa's NICU Release Anniversaries!!!
Brant - June 6, 2014

Tessa - June 16, 2014
I took Brady to the movies for the first time. His first movie to watch was Dolphin Tales 2. It was a really cute movie, but didn't hold his attention. I took him back to watch Penguins the movie and he did much better with the animated movie. I figured this was the best opportunity to see if he was ready to watch movies at the movie theatre because they're only a dollar during the summer on Monday and Tuesdays at 10am.
Gavin, Brady, and me
We took the quints to Dallas at the beginning of June for their checkups. Everyone got an overall good checkup. The GI doctor made some changes to the girls feeds. Gracie is off her tube feeds!!! She'll keep her button in until next spring as a back-up if she gets sick and can't/won't eat (which has come in handy since she's been sick this past week). Since the changes, Mia started vomiting at every feed. We've been making more changes to try to get her to stop, she's doing a little better, but still vomits more than we'd like. We'll go back to the GI doctor in August. Mia went to the eye doctor and she is more farsighted in one eye than the other. We'll go back to the eye doctor (with all the quints) in December to have their eyes checked. Hopefully, Mia's eyes will look better in December.

At the eye doctor with Mia.
While at the pediatrician's office, a couple of our NICU nurses stopped by to visit us!!! These two  NICU nurses were the nurses that "caught" the quints as they were born. They took the babies from the OR to their isolettes. 
Daddy got extra snuggles on Father's Day. The Six Sweet Seals love and adore their daddy!!! They think he's pretty great and so do I!!!!   :)
Well, that wraps up our June 2015. I can't believe how fast this year is flying by. I'm hoping the quints will be healthier in July and maybe we can get out more. I'm also looking forward to more adventures with Brady!!!

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