Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mia's Big Day

Yesterday was Mia's one year anniversary of being discharged from the NICU. She was in the NICU for 115 days. If you would have told me Mia would be the third baby home after their first month of life, I probably would have laughed in your face, because Mia struggled the most out of all the quints. Mia is the oldest of the quints (Baby A). She weighed 2lbs 10oz at birth. She had the hardest time coming off the ventilator. The doctors would try to ween her off the vent, but she never could stay off for more than a few hours. She'd start struggling to breath and they'd have to put her back on the ventilator. It was so scary to see her struggle. It broke my heart to see her on the ventilator. Eventually, she grew and was able to be weened off and used the CPAP for a while then she went to the nasal cannula. She also made a high-pitched, wheezing sound every time she'd breathe (called a stridor). Come to find out her airway was narrow (she has what's called subglottic stenosis). While she was in the NICU she was transferred to a different hospital (Medical City in Dallas) to have her airway stretched, twice. After discharge, we had to take her back to Dallas to have her airway stretched two more times. After having her airway stretched and doing some major growing, she no longer has the stridor.

Mia is my little fighter. She has had to fight the hardest to stay alive. She's spunky. Even though she's the smallest of the quints, her attitude is larger than life. I think she's going to the pretty bossy. She's funny and cute as a button! I sure love my little sparkly girl (that's what her NICU nurses called her). I can't thank God enough for pulling Mia through all her trials. She still is the sickest of the quints, but overall, she's fantastic!!! All praise be to God!!!

She wasn't too sure about being home. 

She was beautiful in her pink smocked dress.

Sucking her thumb.

She was so little!!!

Learning to hold her head up.

First time to eat solids.

Back in the hospital and ready for surgery. (This was taken before one of her airway stretching procedures.)

She loves her Mr. Froggie paci

Trying on her Halloween costume.
Oh how I love my little girl!

Painting mishap

Look at her you know why she's known as the sparkly girl.

Look mom! I can't twist out of the bouncy chair.

My future softball player.

Such a big girl!

Silly girl!

Wild girl!

Serious girl!

And I'm happy to announce, her two front, top teeth are growing in!!! She's no longer going to look like a little vampire!!! :)
We're so glad to have you home Mia!!! We love you with all our hearts!!!

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