Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hello Tuesday

Hey y'all! Hope everyone is doing well. I am excited and so thankful to finally say, we are officially over the Rota virus. Praise the Lord! That was a long month of sickness. Hopefully we will be healthy for the rest of the summer and can get out and have some summer fun!

Our family has been doing a lot of grilling lately. Almost every meal has been grilled; that's just another perk of sweet summertime. I've really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with my whole family. During the school year everyone is so busy with various school activities making it hard for us all to get together, so I'm really enjoying the slower pace of summer and everyone having extra time to be together.

Last week Brady and I headed to the park to catch a movie. Kristian, Gavin, and Jayden went with us. Steven held down the fort with the quints. We grabbed a bite to eat, bought some mosquito products, and headed to the park to get a good spot to sit. This was our first time to go to the movie in the park so I didn't know what to expect, but it was very nice and best of all, it was free! The information I got said that the movie started at 7:45pm but it didn't actually start until 8:20pm. We watched Kung Fu Panda 3 and Brady was a little scared in some parts and he was sleepy but we had a good time. The weather was perfect.  I look forward to taking the whole family next year.

This past weekend was full of terrible tragedy in our country. It makes me so sad to see so much hate in our society. It's scary actually, as a mom of six young kids, to see this violent world we're raising our kiddos in. But, I believe in the power of prayer and I ask all of you to pray for the families of all the victims in this past weekends' attacks.
How Beautiful 
A Day Can Be 
When Kindness
Touches It.
I saw this quote and thought it was perfect for what is going on right now. Kindness is free and anyone can be kind. Let's chose kindness over hate. 
Brady picked this flower for me...isn't it beautiful.
I love that my flowers are blooming. They are just beautiful.
Beauty is all around us. We just have to look for it.
Let's be the beauty in a world filled with ugly.
Here's what we've been up to lately:
The other night my stepdad took me for a Jeep ride and it was so nice and relaxing.
Just what I needed after a long month of dealing with the stomach virus.
Jeep Hair Don't Care!!!!
Brady looking all grown up in Pops' cap.
My little guy.

I don't care what anyone says, there's is absolutely nothing on the face of this earth sweeter than a sleeping baby.
End of discussion!
It was Wacky Water Week at therapy this week.
The Six Sweet Seals had a blast!

Mia had the best time!

 M & T
Playing with shaving cream.

Miss Mia (our OT) is just the best!
She comes up with the best activities for the kids.
And she was kind enough to let Brady participate even though he doesn't get therapy.
He had a blast.

Slipping & Sliding

Rayleigh wasn't too sure about all the water.

Tessa wasn't sure about the water either.
With Janna

And Gracie Lou wasn't excited about the water either.

T & R
Movies in the Park with my big guy!
I love spending quality time with Brady. He really needs one-on-one time with mama!

Tired of pictures and ready for the movie to start already!

Group picture and Brady wasn't having it.

Brady & Aunt Kris

Enjoying the movie

Pre-K 3 reunion with Ruby & Zynli.
He was pretty excited to see these two beauties.
Have a great week everyone!
Be blessed,
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