Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kayla's Big Day

Last weekend my middle sister, Kayla, got married. Kayla was a beautiful bride and Jeremy was a handsome groom. They had a beautiful wedding. I'm so thankful I was able to be there for Kayla's special day. Brady was suppose to walk the flower girls down the isle, but instead he ended up helping my dad walk Kayla down the isle. He was so cute (if I must say so myself) in his tux and acted so good during the wedding. He loved Kayla's wedding dress. I can't wait to see the pictures the photographer took of him in the dressing room. Here's a few that I snapped before the wedding.
My handsome date

Kristian helping Kayla put her shoes on.

Hiding in Kayla's dress

Hiding under the chair

Isn't she gorgeous! 
Who knew weddings were so tiring. This is how he fell asleep when we got home.
Welcome to the family Jeremy! I hope and pray Kayla & Jeremy have a wonderful life together.

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