Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mia - 3 months

Mia is getting so big. She is now 9 pounds!!! She is so alert and interacts with anyone who'll talk to her. She's still our "sparkly" girl. She has the biggest eyes (I think her eyes are hazel or light brown). Her hair is a lighter shade of brown. She likes to lay on her back so she can see what's going on, so now she's got a flat head. We're putting her on her stomach more so her head will hopefully go back to being more rounded. She has pretty good head control and will hold her head up on her own for a while, she loves to look around. She is growing out of newborn clothes and is starting to wear 0-3 month clothes. She's starting to smile more and more. Last weekend, I walked in the nursery to visit and she was awake so I went to her bed first, when I got over there I started talking to her and she gave me the biggest grin. She had surgery this past Monday to get a g-tube and is doing well. We're hoping she'll get to come home this week!

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