Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mia - 4 months

Mia is getting bigger and bigger each day. She's now up to 10 pounds. She's the happiest baby and does a good job of entertaining herself. She has a sweet grin. She is holding her head up pretty good. She enjoys tummy time. She can lift her head (when on her tummy) and move it from side to side. She's discovered that she has arms and hands. She'll hold them straight out in front of her and kick her legs like she's riding a bike. She will spit up if you move her a lot during her feeding. She loves her Mr. Froggie paci. Mia gets speech therapy twice a week to work on her feeding issues. She's wearing 0-3 month clothing & size 1 diapers.
Mia is in the middle being fed by her g-tube.

Her serious face.

T, M, & G are ready for Rayleigh to come home.

Cuddling with Brant during nap time.

Mia & Gracie hanging out.

Dressed all cute and ready to go to the doctor.

There's that big smile.

Happy 4 Months Mia! We love you!!

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