Saturday, June 6, 2015

Brant's Big Day

One year ago, we brought our only boy of our Fav 5 home from the NICU! He was the first baby home! Brant stayed in the NICU for 80 days. I remember the day he came home so vividly. I had so many emotions running through my head. I was overjoyed that we were finally bringing a baby home. I was thankful that Brant was healthy and doing so well. I was so, so, so scared; even though he was the size of an "normal" baby, he was still little and he was a premie. I think all the machines, tubes, and alarms of his NICU days were such a scary experience that I was worried something would happen to him once he was home and away from the medical setting he and I were used to & comfortable with. I felt guilty for taking him away from his sisters. It was so hard to leave the girls in the NICU and just take him home. I was stressed because we weren't taking him to our home, we were taking him to our friend's home. My quints were born in Dallas, and we live 3 hours away; my friend's Dave and Paula let us stay with them while the quints were in the NICU. I had to have  family members and friends come stay with Brant so I could still go to the NICU and visit the girls. (Baylor will not let you bring a discharged baby back to the NICU, so I had to have someone come stay with Brant so I could go love on the girls every day.) But, most of all, I was happy to have Brant all to myself.

Brant is such a little sweetheart! God knew I needed another little boy in my life! He's funny, charming, and full of energy. I'm so in love with my little Brother Bear.
His last moments in the NICU. All dressed and ready to go home!
He was 2.5 months old at discharge.

Home with our little boy.

He was so little.
Sweet little boy; love that little smile.

Getting bigger and starting to try food.

Sticking his tongue out at me.

Hanging out with Big Brother. Brant adores Brady.

Mama's baby boy!
Having fun with his smash cake at their first birthday party.

My 3lb 6oz miracle! He's a tough little 29 weeker!!

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