Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tessa's Big Day

Today is Tessa's homecoming day from the NICU; she was the second baby to come home. She stayed in the NICU for 90 days. Bringing Tessa home was a exciting time. We already had Brant at home, so adding her to the mix was crazy yet exciting.

When Tessa came home she didn't have a g-tube. Her formula had to be very thick, the consistency of honey, because she had problems aspirating. Well, after a week at home she got to where she wouldn't eat at all and stopped urinating. So, I had to take her to the ER (at Children's in Dallas). Children's admitted her into their NICU. So, I had Brant at home, Tessa at Children's, and Mia, Gracie, and Rayleigh at Baylor. And while all this terrible stuff was going on with Tessa, Rayleigh was very sick (so sick that I thought she was going to die). I seriously don't know how I didn't go insane during this time. So much worry, stress, uncertainties, and lack of sleep was almost more than I could handle. Thankfully, God heard my prayers and the prayers of countless others, and pulled us all through that very scary and stressful time. I count today as Tessa's homecoming day (even though she was technically released from 2 NICUs) because Baylor was our home NICU.

Tessa is my happy and sweet baby. She usually always has a huge smile on her face. To me, she looks the most different from the other quints. She's lighter complected, her eyes are blue, and her hair is sandy blonde. She actually looks more like my sister, Kristian, than she does Steven or I. I do think she favors Brady, because he is fairer complected too. How Steven and I produced blue eyed, blonde hair kids is beyond me!
Loaded up and ready to head home.
Family pic with our sweet girl
She looked so beautiful in her blue smocked dress. 

Smiley Tessa

Happy Tessa

She makes me smile with that sweet smile of hers.


Her eyes are so gorgeous!!!

Oh how I love and adore this sweet baby girl!

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