Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happy Due Date to my Quints!!!

June 3, 2014 was my due date with my quints. I knew I'd never make it to that date since I was carrying 5 babies in my tummy at once, but I was sure hoping to get as close as possible. My quints decided to arrive 11 weeks early. Instead of having June babies, I had 5 more March babies, to add to the one I already had (Brady). In the world of premature babies, for the first year, you go by the baby's adjusted age (based off the due date). So today should have been the quints' first birthday! We will celebrate because I'm always looking for something to celebrate!

Take a look at my healthy and thriving 29 weekers!!!!
My smallest quint at birth, Gracie Lou (2 lb 7oz). She was the first to walk and is so smart and funny.

My youngest, Rayleigh Ann was 2 lbs 8 oz. She's starting to walk!

Sweet Tessa Suzanne, was my biggest girl at birth, 2 lbs 14 oz. She's starting to walk and is the biggest quint now.

Mia Danielle was 2 lbs 10oz at birth and is now the smallest baby. She has had a tough road, dealing with her narrow airway, but is doing so well now.

And who would have thought, the only boy, Brant Lee would be the biggest at birth, 3 lb 6 oz and he did the very best in the NICU and has never looked back. 

My Fab 5!

Sweet little blessings! 
29 weekers rock!!!

Happy Due Date little ones!!!!

This special day deserves a special cake.   :)

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