Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015

The stomach bug hit our house again! I got to spend my birthday cleaning up poop and vomit. Not my idea of fun, but I'm thankful I have this family to take care of and clean up after. Our whole family was pretty much sick this whole month. Virus after virus... we just couldn't shake it.  All the kids had an eye infection, some had ear infections, and everyone had lots of snot! There's nothing worse than a house full of sick kids, and it's even worse, when the parents are sick too.  :(



Brant took a trip to the ER. He was wheezing really bad and it was Memorial Day weekend, so we had no choice but to take him to the ER  to be seen. Thankfully, his oxygen levels were fine, so we got some steroids and came home.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. All the toys got a good cleaning, in hopes to kill all the germs that keep making us so sick.

I turned 35 & Steven turned 34 a week later. So, for us, we only have to celebrate birthdays in March and May. All the kids are March babies and the hubby & I are May babies.  :)
Our birthday month!!!!
It has rained...and rained....and rained!!!! I think it's time to start praying for sunshine. We're good on the rain for a little while. We still have water standing in our backyard and Steven has yet to be able to mow our whole yard and May is over!!!!
This is our backyard after the most recent rain shower. You can see that the swing set is flooded and there's a portion of our yard that has yet to dry out this whole spring and Steven can't mow it. The grass is up to my hip now!

All the rain has washed away some of Steven's garden.
We have vegetables!!!!! So far we have had squash, zucchini, jalapeƱos, bell peppers, banana peppers, cucumbers, onions, and potatoes.

Brady and I enjoyed a double date night with Kristian and Gavin. You can't go wrong with Chick-fil-A and playing at the park.
He loves chicken, just like his daddy.

Gavin coloring at Chick-fil-A

My little monkey.

I'm so in love with my little big guy.

Sweet cousins (most of the time)

Love my little sis. 
Fun times with sweet Brady.
The kids all like to play outside.
A wagon full of babies makes my heart happy!!!

We have to keep a close eye on the little guy, he likes to stand up.

Helping those who are in need... We had the honor of donating some baby essentials to the residents of Van, Texas whose town was hit by a tornado earlier this month.

What's new with the Six Sweet Seals.....

Their latest weights are:
Brady: 29lbs
Mia: 17lb 9oz
Tessa: 19lb 4oz
Brant: 19lb 5oz
Gracie: 18lb 11oz
Rayleigh: 18lb 13oz

The quints have lots of teeth:
Mia: 4 teeth (she looks like a little vampire)
Tessa: 8 teeth
Brant: 6 teeth
Gracie: 6 teeth
Rayleigh: 2 teeth
They like to bite each other. Brant is the worst about biting, but they all will bite if someone puts his/her finger in their mouth.

*All of the quints can shake their head back and forth to tell you NO.
Getting 6 little kids to look and be still for a picture so H.A.R.D!!!!

I'm excited to announce that Brady is almost potty trained!!!! He's doing so well. Now, he isn't pooping in the potty yet, but I'm calling it a triumph that is peeing in the potty!
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, my boy loves ice cream, just like his mama!

He wasn't happy about having to take breathing treatments.

Ride 'em cowboy!

Sleepy boy

Swinging at the park

Funny story here: Brady went with my family to eat for my sister's birthday. Someone had a tree (aka: broccoli) on their plate. He brought the tree home with him. He was so funny carrying the broccoli around. He even put it on the nightstand and slept by it that night. Thankfully, he forgot about it the next morning and I quickly disposed of the "tree" before he realized what happened. 

Slurping on a milkshake

Checking out all the water at the spillway. 

He loves his Aunt Kris

My smallest baby is really coming into her own. She's got a big personality. She loves attention. She's starting to act interested in standing on her own and maybe getting close to taking a few steps. I'm pretty sure she's going to be the last quint to walk, but that's okay, she's not too far behind. She's sassy and funny. Her hair is sooooo curly!
She got to go out and eat by herself and she loved all the attention. I took Mia to Dallas earlier in the month to see the ENT  Specialist. He checked out her airway and said everything looked good. He also looked at her vocal cords and thankfully, they are moving and working correctly.

She's such a little ham.

Check out her vampire teeth. :)

Mia loves's she's dog piling him.

I love her little grin.


Sweet Tessa is so adorable. She loves to stand on her own and can take up to 2 steps unassisted. I'm not saying she can walk until she can consistently put several steps together on a regular basis, but she's very close. She's a happy baby and loves to smile and laugh. She's getting more hair and it looks like it's going to be sandy blonde.
Playing with her siblings.

Such a sweetheart.

She loves standing up.

She finally has enough hair to have a ponytail.

Even though he bites her, she's so in love with her little brother. She's always laughing at him.

Telling me something really serious.

She wanted to join Rayleigh in my lap.
Love my sweet Tessa
Brother Bear is walking everywhere. He loves to bite people, he's even bit me a time or two, and it hurts! He's so funny; when he laughs and smiles he wrinkles his nose to the side. I need to get a picture of him wrinkling his nose because it's too cute. He absolutely adores Brady and wants to go everywhere Brady goes.
My handsome little guy.

Always looking over the fence, begging someone to come let him out of the play area.

He knows how to throw some major fits.

He likes to climb.

His "caught" face.

Pouty face

Mischievous face

Silly boy

He just melts my heart. I'm so in love with this little guy!

The Boss Lady is walking everywhere, she walks more than she crawls now. She loves lots of attention. She's funny and rules the roost.

She also knows how to throw some major fits.

Look at those big beautiful eyes.

Playing the xylophone 

I'm too tired to smile mom...

She adores her she's trying to pick his nose. :)

Selfie with Aunt Kris

Such a silly girl

My little ham!

She must be thinking really hard about something..

Oops, she got stuck in the alligator. 

Baby girl is getting close to walking. She can take 2-3 steps before falling. I think she'll be walking within the next week or two. She is mischievous. She's the quietest baby; it's easy to forget where she's at because she never says a word.
She has a head full of wild and curly hair. Her hair is getting so long that she needs to have it in a clip to keep it out of her eyes.

She has such a precious smile.

Sleepy girl

Pouty face

Climbing with Brant

Sleeping on mama - she is a mama's girl

Helping daddy put up another fence in the house.

Such a good little helper....and so stinkin' cute!
Well, that wraps up our May. I can't believe this year is halfway over now! The kids are growing up so fast and changing so much every day. I'm loving all this time I get to spend with them. They are our greatest blessings!!!

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