Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quint Update - 15 Months

As of last week, this mama took the pacifiers away. I only let the quints have their paci at nap time and bedtime. I probably picked a bad time to take the pacifiers away because they are all sick with a virus, but oh well. So far, they're doing pretty good. I decided to bite the bullet and take the pacis away because I'm so concerned about their speech. They are all delayed in speech so I am hoping now that they don't have something in their mouth all the time, they'll start talking more. Who knows, we shall see... All the quints are climbers, all of them! It's so hard to keep up with all of them. They like to escape the safe zone we have set up for them to keep them safe and corralled. They are starting to team up to get out of the safe zone.

Prayer Request:
*Please pray that they all get over this current virus soon.  Bless their hearts, they will catch a virus and no sooner when they shake it, they will catch a new one! I'm so ready for them to be healthy.
*Please pray that Mia will stop vomiting with all her feeds. I've talked on the phone with the GI doc in Dallas several times and I'm praying we're going to figure out a way to help her with her feeding issues.

Mia Danielle
Weight: 18lbs 8oz (15%)
Length: 28 3/4in (5%)
What's New: She is starting to stand on her own and is starting to get interested in walking more. She can walk on her knees and she's actually starting to take steps on her own. She is a climber. She's very quick, especially when she's trying to get away from you. She waves bye-bye.
Teeth: 4 - She's still missing her two front teeth, so she still looks like a little vampire, however, she's the cutest vampire I've ever laid eyes on!
Health Update: Mia has started vomiting again with every feed. She was doing so good and probably went 6 weeks without vomiting while eating (maybe a little vomit every once in a while, but nothing significant). We took the girls to the GI doctor at the beginning of June and he wanted us to speed up her rate on her feeds (she gets all her milk through the g-tube; it was taking an hour to feed her and the doctor wanted us to get that down to 30 minutes). When we started trying to speed her rate up, she started vomiting again, at every feed. We're now working on trying to get her to stop vomiting and we're leaving her rate at the rate it was originally. I've been so discouraged about her vomiting again. I'm so ready for her to be okay and eat normally. She is currently sick with a virus. I feel so bad for Mia; out of all the quints, she's the weakest and has the hardest time staying healthy. Our pediatrician said she's probably going to always be the sickest. :(
Personality: She is spunky! She has attitude! She is a diva!  She's very tough. She's funny and super duper cute! :)
Sweet girl

My little monster
Sleeping at the table

Selfie with mama
Us at the eye doctor. One of her eyes is more farsighted than the other. We have to go back in 6 months to have them checked again. I'm praying everything will look good when we go back in December; I don't want her to have an problems. 

Tessa Suzanne
Weight: 19lb 10.5oz (25%)
Length: 29in (5%)
What's New: She walks everywhere. She's talking and laughing more, we're starting to see more and more of her sweet personality. She likes to spit her food (all over whoever is feeding her) and then she'll laugh at you.
Teeth: 8
Health Update: She's been pretty healthy lately. She's starting to take her bottle more. She is consistently taking 3oz from her bottle. She's currently sick with a virus.
Personality: She's sweet, easy going, and happy. When I think of Tessa, I think of a lap cat; she will crawl up and sit in my lap, and she's just as happy as she can be (And I love every moment of it!).

Love that beautiful smile!

Sweet grin

She's seriously the sweetest baby ever!

Brant Lee
Weight: 19lbs 6.5oz (5%)
Length: 29 3/4in (5%)
What's New: He walks everywhere. He climbs on everything. And he knows how to escape from our safe zone. He hates being locked up in the safe zone. He gets his hair cut every two weeks. He's starting to talk more and repeat what you say.
Teeth: 8 - And he's not afraid to use them!!! He terrible about biting!
Health Update: He's been healthy. But currently fighting the same virus as his sisters.
Personality: Charming, demanding, full of energy!!! This boy wears me out!!! He's always on the go; he's always trying to escape from where we keep the quints (in the safe zone).
He climbed up on this table all by himself. 
My little monkey

Daddy and his boys

Half complaining/half smiling

Gracie Lou
Weight: 18lbs 15oz (15%)
Length: 29 7/8in (25%)
What's New: She's running from us!!! The girl walks everywhere, she hardly ever crawls anymore. If someone does something that makes everyone else laugh, she'll imitate them so she can get everyone else to laugh at her too. She is hilarious! She doesn't like getting her hair combed. She doesn't like ponytails, she always tries to take her hair down, and she tries to take everyone else's down too. She prefers hats over bows. She'll hit you. She eats everything and takes all her feeds from the bottle.
Teeth: 6
Health Update: She's been healthy lately, but has been running a low grade fever, so she's got the same virus as everyone else.
Personality: Full of life, loves to be the center of attention, drama queen. She's my social butterfly! She always makes me laugh! I sure love my wild and crazy Gracie!!
Gavin & Gracie

Sitting on brother

She loves to wear hats.

Her hair cracks me up.

These two are two of a kind..

Love this beautiful girl!

Rayleigh Ann
Weight: 19lbs 13oz (30%)
Length: 29 1/4in (10%)
What's New: Rayleigh walks everywhere. She loves to climb. She's still a mama's girl. She likes to be held. She waves and says bye-bye.
Teeth: 4
Health Update: She also has the virus.
Personality: Easy-going, chill, and sensitive. If you look at Rayleigh wrong, she'll start crying (I hear she got that from me). She is a loner; she's perfectly content at playing on her own.
Her hair is so long..

Rayleigh at VBS

Crazy hair

Climbing with Gracie

First time to have pig tails

I caught her climbing...

Sweet girl

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