Saturday, August 30, 2014

Brant - 5 months

My baby boy is such a little ham. He's really starting to get a funny personality. He's growing but he's still the second to the smallest baby; only Mia is smaller than him. He weighs 11lb 10oz and is 24.5in long. His head circumference is 15in. Brant is such a funny kid. He is loud when he cries, thankfully he's not crying as much, and he has the funniest facial expressions. He coos and really tries to talk. He can turn over and is getting so much stronger. He squeals when he gets excited. He sleeps really well; one night he slept until 5am. He loves to be held, I'm hoping he's going to be a mama's boy.

Happy 5 Months Brant!!! We love you!!!

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