Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gracie - 5 months

Gracie is our little diva. If Gracie ain't happy, ain't nobody gonna be happy! haha... She is loud and proud of it! Out of all the babies, I think Gracie will be the first to talk because she is so verbal now. She coos all the time; she is so funny. And even though she is a little diva, she's still oh so sweet. She loves to be held and loves her pacifier. At night, she cries if her paci falls out, which means you don't get much sleep. She has a sweet smile and her hair is light brown and it sticks up. She the second biggest baby weighing in at 12lb 7.5oz and is 21in long. Her head circumference is 15in. She's so big, she's got a double chin. She absolutely loves her cousin Makenna. She can roll over, hold herself up, and brings her hands to midline. I sure love my little diva!

Happy 5 Months Gracie!! We love you!!!

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