Thursday, August 21, 2014


No, I'm not misspelling family, I'm simply "borrowing" a word from a phone commercial. Here's my definition of framily: it's people who aren't blood kin (relatives) but are more than just friends. Dave & Paula Foster are my framily. They are such wonderful people. And I love them so much. They've always been there for me when I needed them most.

Back when I was in college and in-between places to live, they let me live with them. I moved back in with them when Steven & I started dating and stayed with them for about a year. They have some special way of making you feel so comfortable. They are funny, sweet, caring, generous, and loving. You honestly can't find better people than Paula & Dave. After I had the quints and was discharged from the hospital, they, once again, let me move back in with them. Before, when it was just me, it probably wasn't that big of a deal to have someone else in the house. But this time, they had me, Steven, Brady, the babies, and whoever came out to help me with the babies. It was a big undertaking, to say the least, but they were very hospitable, as always. They did all of this for us while Paula is going through chemo (she's kicking breast cancer's butt!!!) and Dave had neck surgery! 

After all the babies were out of the hospital, and it was time for us to come home I felt a bit of sadness. It was hard to leave them knowing we're not going to get to see them as much as we have the past 5 months. I really miss them and I know they really miss the babies. I can't wait for them to pay us a visit soon!

Thank you Paula and Dave for everything! We love y'all very much!

Paula & Gracie matching zebra outfits.
Dave & Brant

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