Friday, August 8, 2014

Bringing Rayleigh Home

Last week, Rayleigh was the last baby to be released from the NICU. It was such an exciting day, but equally as sad (as crazy as that sounds). I'm so thankful she is healthy and able to be home with all of us. I'm thankful that now, all my family can be together. I'm thankful that we're finally back in our home as a family of 8. However, it was so sad saying goodbye to all the nurses who over the past 4.5 months have become my friends. It still feels weird to not drive to Baylor every day to see one or more of my precious babies. And I'm a little scared about not having the nurses here with me, I've become so used to asking them about everything when it comes to the babies. We were definitely blessed to have the very best nurses care and love our babies.

Rayleigh is a beautiful baby. She's quiet and a great sleeper. She loves to be held and is doing good at eating a bottle. I'm surprised she was the last baby out of the hospital. If you would have asked me when they were first born who would be the first baby out of the hospital, I'd said Rayleigh. But a few setbacks pushed her back. Nevertheless, she's home now and we are oh, so happy!!!!

Steven had to work so I brought Rayleigh home myself

Now our family is finally complete! Welcome home sweet Rayleigh!!

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