Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rayleigh - 5 months

Our baby girl Rayleigh is such a little sweetheart. She is so easy going. She's quiet and will look around and observe what's going on. She loves to be held but doesn't get held as much as some of the others because she's so good about laying nice and quietly. She's got a sweet smile and the prettiest eye lashes. She weighs 12lb 2oz and is 23in long. Her head circumference is 15in. She likes to sleep on her side and is excellent about sleeping through the night. She has long black hair, her eyes are dark, and she has the darkest complexion of all my kids. She coos, follows objects with her eyes, and is holding her head up. She loves to suck her thumb. Her nickname is Rayleigh Bug...everyone calls her that.

I love how she's sleeping in this pic.
Happy 5 Months Rayleigh!!! We love you!!

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