Monday, November 24, 2014

Brant: 8 Months

Brant is such a little turkey. He loves Brady. Brady can make some funny little noises and Brant will laugh and laugh. Brant watches everything that Brady does. It melts my heart to see them two together. Brant has brown hair (with maybe a hint of red in it) and I think his eyes are going to be bluish/hazel - I think eventually they'll be hazel. He is loud, he laughs out loud, he squeals, he screams, and he cries loudly. He is getting better about intertaining himself. He rolls everywhere and he's fast at doing it. He is trying to crawl, he'll get up on all fours and tries to push forward...he's got the army crawl going on. He's also getting better about self-soothing himself. I think he sometimes gets overstimulated and he just wants to be put down and left alone. He's also doing much better at night, in fact, he slept through the night last night. He weighs 15lbs 4oz.

Brady and Brant playing in the baby bed together.
Brant and Rayleigh

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