Monday, November 24, 2014

Mia: 8 Months

Mia is our oldest quint, but you probably wouldn't guess it due to her size. She's still the smallest baby, by a lot. She weighs 13lbs 7oz. She is consistently gaining weight and is doing well in the growth department, she's just a small baby. I was concerned about her growth and talked to the pediatrician about it, he said she has "failure by comparison" --- I was like, what??? He explained that because she's a multiple, she's compared to the other babies and it looks like she's not doing well, when in all actuality, if she were a singleton, we wouldn't have anyone to compare her to and we'd think she was doing just fine. So, I'm going to stop worrying so much about her being small and except the fact that she's probably going to be my small kid. Mia has the sweetest smile and loves to snuggle. She's got a weak cry and she growls when she's trying to talk. She just had another surgery to have her airway stretched and it was very successful. She's much louder now. The doctor told us she shouldn't need the procedure done again unless she gets sick &/or starts having trouble breathing. She rolls all over the place. She's reaching for things and can put her pacifier back in her mouth when it falls out. She chews on her hands a lot, I think she's trying to cut a tooth. She will respond when you say her name. She's getting lots of brown hair and it's getting longer. Her eyes are hazel.

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