Monday, November 24, 2014

Rayleigh- 8 Months

Rayleigh is our easiest going baby. She smiles a lot and entertains herself well. She has long dark hair and lots of it. Her eyes are brown. She's taking her bottle well. She loves baby food. She sleeps the best at night. She is talking and cooing at lot more these days. She loves to laugh and she usually always gets the hiccups after she laughs. She loves her feet and can get them in her mouth. She always pulls her socks off. She's quiet but very mischievous. She tries to play with all the babies, however, Mia doesn't appreciate Rayleigh messing with her. She likes to steal everyone's pacifiers. Rayleigh weighs 15lb 4.5oz.
Rayleigh is showing you her toe touch.
She's trying to chew on Gracie's hand.

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