Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello Monday!

Welcome back y'all! Hope you had a great weekend.

Here's a little quote to get this week started off right..
Attitude is the difference
between an ORDEAL
What we've been up to:
Rayleigh has been sick all weekend. Gracie's ear started draining fluid Sunday and Brant isn't feeling so great, so it hasn't been a very uneventful weekend around here. We have enjoyed a couple of picnic dinners outside. The kids got a picnic table for their birthday and it is so nice to not have to clean up the kitchen after they finish eating...all we have to do is get the water hose and spray everything off.

So Mia actually went over the fence this weekend...and landed right on her head.

Daddy selfie with Rayleigh & Mia
First picnic outside and it was awesome...I love how easy the clean up is!

Rayleigh has been sick all weekend.

These kids love to make a mess.

The sisters have Brant under the box!

What do all sick kids need??? A popsicle, of course!!

Mia visiting with Aunt Kris and G.

Having fun with Snapchat.

G & M

Crazy Brady

Is my head too little for this baseball helmet?

Sheriff Tessa

Puppy Rayleigh

Rayleigh, Kris, Tessa

Rayleigh & Kris

Tessa not wanting to take pictures.

Tessa and Rayleigh playing at Nana's.

Snow White

Mia playing at Papa Berney's.

Mia and the dog.

Mia riding the tractor with Papa Berney.
Well, that about sums up our weekend. Not too much going on around here. I took Rayleigh, Gracie, and Brant to the doctor today and they are all sick. Rayleigh has an upper respiratory infections and is getting antibiotics and steroids. Brant and Gracie both have ear infections and are getting antibiotics and ear drops. Please pray that these three feel better soon and that the other three don't get sick. We're so happy that April 15th is almost here so we can start getting out more, and don't want all this sickness to slow us down!
Have a great week everyone!
Be blessed!

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