Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hump Day Humor

Hey y'all!!! So it's hump day and you know I like a good laugh. Well, today, I've decided sometimes the best thing to laugh at is yourself. See, today I totally committed a big Mommy No-No! I loaded Brady in the car, we were running late for school this morning, so I was in a big rush. We got about 2 miles from his school (which is 30 minutes away from our house) and I realized I didn't have his shoes! I immediately starting thinking of how I was going to break the news to him, and I decided I'd try to make it seem like a good and fun thing that he didn't have any shoes, well, my boy didn't find any humor in being shoeless today. He was quite upset with me and let me know all about it. I did get him to go to class and his teachers were totally understanding and made him feel better. I intended to go by him a cheap pair of shoes but his teachers told me not, yeah, Brady went to school today without shoes. I'm choosing to laugh at myself. I've actually had a couple of other moms say they've done the same thing, so that made me feel so much better about myself.

Anyways, I hope you're having a fabulous week! Here's a few funny pictures of my crew.
Brady teaching the babies how to read.

Brady needed to hitch a ride with Rayleigh and Brant.

My little guy is so sweet y'all. He just melts my heart.

Rayleigh looking fabulous.

Boots for every limb.

Just couldn't help myself. 

These french fries are yummy.

Brady sporting mama's heals.

The hubby is looking fabulous in my mom's sunglasses.

Everyone is loving sunglasses these days...

He couldn't even take them off to brush his teeth.

Sporting our school shirts.

Gracie and Brant playing

If Gracie wants to wear 3 bows, then Gracie gets to wear 3 bows.

Handsome Brant

Checking out mama's makeup drawer.

Houston we have a problem.

Mia in pigtails is the cutest!

Tessa is styling.

Brant playing with the water hose.

Mia having too much fun in the water.

M, R, G

Well, that's all folks! One piece of advice....don't leave home without your shoes!!!!   :)~
Be blessed!
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