Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tube Free: Gracie & Tessa

So yesterday we made the 6 hour round trip to Dallas to see the GI Doctor. We knew back in February that Gracie was getting her g-button (feeding tube) out today. She hasn't used her button since September. I wasn't sure if Tessa would get hers out or not, but I was hoping she would. She hasn't been using her tube since February. The doctor checked over both of their growth charts and examined them and decided they were both healthy enough to live without their tubes!! I can't tell you how proud I am of these two girls, they are so amazing. I've had several people ask me if the girls are doing okay since having the tubes removed and the answer is yes, they are doing amazing. The tube stays in their bellies by inflating a balloon with water. All the doctor did was deflate the balloon (by using a syringe to pull water out of the balloon) and pull the tube out, that was it. We will keep the hole covered for a few days but that's all. The hole should close up on its own in a few days to weeks.

Updates on Mia and Rayleigh:
The GI Doctor was tempted to take Rayleigh's tube out yesterday too but decided to wait a few more months. So if she continues to eat well and grow she will probably get hers out in July!!!!

Now Mia is a whole other story, she never does things the easy way. Monday, I'm taking her to have another swallow study and after we get those results we'll come up with a new game plan to help her use her tube less. No matter what we find out Monday, we are going to thicken her liquids. Hopefully she'll start taking steps in the right direction.
Our 2 Superstars!

Lunch with our girls before heading back home.
Steven and I are so thankful to everyone who has prayed for us and our kids along the way. I'm so thankful to be where we are today with 6 healthy children. The quints have come so far in 2 years and continue to grow stronger and healthier each day. We give God all the glory and praise for our sweet blessings and this blessed life we enjoy.

Please continue to keep our family, especially the quints, in your prayers as we continue to work towards getting them where they need to be health-wise and developmentally. It's been a struggle at times and feels so good to be where we are at today.

Be blessed!
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