Monday, April 18, 2016

Hello Monday!

Hey Y'all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We've had a great couple of days. It's been wild and crazy, but that's just our life. On Friday, we had a party celebrating our friend, Mekisha's, new job. Saturday was busy. First we went to my friend's little boy's birthday party, then we went to watch my nephew, Gavin, play soccer. And of course, church on Sunday. I also went to a consignment sale yesterday and stocked up on beautiful smocked dresses for the girls and a few cute finds for the boys as well. And it has rained almost all day long today. I'm so sick of all this rain, I'm ready for sunshine and playing outside. The rain can come back in August when we're all complaining about the heat here in Texas.

To get our week started off right, I came across this quote on Facebook the other day and I loved it. It really spoke to my heart. Every day we come across as variety of people, directly or indirectly, and those people make an impact on our lives, in one way or another. Unfortunately, sometimes the people we cross paths with our not nice people, for whatever reason. This quote made me step back and evaluate how I feel and react to unkind people. Honestly, I don't always have the most wonderful thoughts about unkind people, and that's not how I should be. Kindness is always the right answer to every situation.

Be kind
To unkind people.
They need it the most.

Here's some pictures from our weekend.


Mia & Rayleigh


Brady's school picture.


Six Sweet Seals cookies.

Rayleigh had to help me make cookies.

Brant at Gavin's soccer game.


Gracie & Daddy

Eating at the soccer game.

Tessa, Rayleigh, Brant

Gavin and his #1 fan.

Have a great week!
Be blessed!

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